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Amanda if you wouldn't start shit then maybe we would be able to come out. Guess not....god Thomas annoys the fuck out of me.:(

so amanda shut the fuck up!!! everybody drop this shit. IT's OVER!!!
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BECKY!! We are right here? I just posted this morning sweetheart. I did tell Marissa she needs to look at her journal. Marissa doesn't get on the puter much (that's never changed). She's going to today after practice she said. Hey Becky, would you and Thomas make a little comment to Mary. She's having a rough time right now and I know it would put a smile on her face. Love you guys!!!
are you on right now...
Yes Becky. I don't know how to do what you are doing though. Do you have a Yahoo ID, I could IM you if you do. Love ya sweets. I will stay on.
what is your yahoo id?
I'll be on and waiting!!!
I need to IM you Becky. I cannot accept incoming IM's unless you are on my buddy list. What's your Yahoo ID??