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Hey Rissa! Thought I'd never hear from you again! :)

Hey wassup BIOTCH! I really miss you. SO you like it up there? I hope that you and mom are having fun. Where are Mary and Makala? Are they with you? Anywho...I'm really bored right now and have no frickin' thing to do. :( I really miss you. But I promise you this, Marissa, Mary and Makala, Mom and will see me the Day I Turn 18! :) Anything else new? Haven't heard from yal' in a while. Sorry I have not been on alot. I thought everyone stopped writing ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But I see that I am WRO"NG!!!! I really really REALLY miss you all! I hope that someday soon we shall be together again.....(sounds kinda gay, huh?!BUT I MEAN IT!) Is anybody else feeling this? OR am I just a psyco?! ANYWHO...IGNORE ME! I AM BEING FREAKY FREAKEO RIGHT NOW! I have no fricken Idea why....but yea. :) Love yas! Becky
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